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The Huon pines are very significant in Tasmania as it holds the record of one of the oldest clonal trees in the world.

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If you love gardening, then here are some gardening events you should attend this year.

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Be part of the limited growers of these long-lasting plants and for sure, they can assure you of a lifetime commitment.

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5 unusual flowers you can grow in your garden

If you are bored with you usual choice of flowers for your garden, then you can try planting the following flowers in your garden. These flowers are beautiful and rare.

1. Bat Flower

It grows in the jungle, but you can have it in your home as well. This plant can grow up to three feet. You can grow it in a large flowerpot. You should keep the plant in shade and keep it moist.

2. California Firecracker

It’s an exotic looking flower. It can send up clusters of flowers up to two feet. It grows during late spring to early summer period. You should let the foliage die back naturally after blooming. It will help the plant to perennialize.

3. Clerodendrum

It is a half-hardy shrub. It can grow as tall as 12 feet. This is a slow growing plant. You can plant them in containers in cold regions. You must keep the plant moist and place it under sunlight for half a day.

4. Ginea Hen Flowers

These flowers have been available since the 16th century. You can grow these flowers at the front of your garden.

5. Red Bulb Ginger

This plant thrives in filtered sunlight. These plants may grow up to four feet tall. The flowers are yellow and they appear fro the red cones. They are also edible.

These are some very interesting flowers that you can include in your garden. Your garden will stand out from the rest of the gardens in your neighborhood and you will receive lots of appreciation.


5 things you should know about Huon Pine

Huon Pine is a rare species of tree that has some remarkable properties. It is widely used in building boats. Here are five things you should know about Huon Pine.


1 - 5 things you should know about Huon Pine
Huon Pine is found only in the west and southwest Tasmania. It grows in the wet temperate rainforests. It is an endangered species and so is restricted from cutting unless they are dead.


2 - 5 things you should know about Huon Pine
These trees grow very slowly. It only grows 1mm in girth every year. Some trees are 2,500 years or even older. On average, a Huon Pine tree can live for 1,000 years.


3 - 5 things you should know about Huon Pine
The leaves of the Huon Pine are small. The stalks are covered by small scales just like the cypress hedges. During spring it develops pin-head sized cones.


4 - 5 things you should know about Huon Pine
In the past, Huon Timber was one of the best boatbuilding materials. It can also be used to make furniture and different wooden items.

Strict protection

5 - 5 things you should know about Huon Pine
These plant species are protected by the initiatives of the forestry of Tasmania. There are only three licenses available to cut Huon Pine sawlog. The supply of salvaged dead timber of Huon Pine can last for two generations.

Huon Pine is a unique species of trees and is very useful. Its unique features are very appealing and people often can’t resist the temptation to cut these trees and make beautiful wooden things like boat and furniture. But we should be careful so that it doesn’t become extinct. Otherwise, it will affect the biodiversity of the Tasmanian rainforests.