9 cool plants to grow indoors

Before you can say that your house décor is complete, you must add some indoor greenery, that is to say, house plants. Not only will your house be more lively, but you will also benefit from the extra flow of oxygen during the day, but also at night – yes, the amount of CO2 emitted at night is negligible, so don’t worry about asphyxiaition.

If you’re like me, you don’t settle for average plants that can be found in any house. You want something more, something a little more exotic to impress your visitors with. At the same time, you don’t want something that takes infinite time to grow and care for. Don’t worry, we’ve got just what you need.

Below you can find a carefully-selected list of cool and exotic plants that you can grow without any effort at all. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Vriesea
Vriesea might look a little pretentious or rather surreal at first, but it’s actually a plant that would fit in quite well in a modern apartment. Caring for it is also very, very easy – Vriesea makes do with just one large cup of water per week. However, don’t treat it like a cactus – the more often you water it, the better.

2. Philodendron
The name is somewhat of a tongue twister, but taking care of the plant is nowhere near as sophisticated. Boasting thick and leathery leaves, as well as numerous health benefits, philodendrons are great green giants to live with.

3. Dolphin succulents
If you think that the name of this plant is completely random, well, have a closer look at the picture. Aren’t the leaves somewhat familiar? Yes, they’re dolphins. Cute little green dolphins. This adorable plant drives people insane in Japan for a reason or another. The scientific name of this variety is Senecio peregrinus.

4. Marimo Moss Balls
Marimo Moss Balls are exactly what their name says … moss balls. Your fish tank is about to get way more playful with these. Taking care of them is also very easy: replace the water every two weeks, and make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight – they hate that.

5. Hoya Kerrii
Another succulent plant in our list. Hoya Kerrii is very popular in Southeast Asia. People all across the globe give heart-shaped chocolate for Valentine’s Day, but there people prefer gifting heart-shaped Hoya Kerrii. Pretty neat, right?


6. Zig-Zag Cactus
The zig-zag cactus does not look anything like your average cacti, but it’s still a cactus take it or leave it. Commonly referred to as the Fishbone Cactus, it’s very low-maintenance, and when it blooms, it produces colorful pink flowers bound to blind you.

7. Trachyandra
This plant is perhaps the most surreal we have reviewed thus far, and for good reason. Simply look at how it is shaped, you would say that it’s a pipe cleaner stuck into a pot of dirt. It’s not the most aesthetical plant out there, but if you like anything novelty, you will enjoy seeing it each day at home. On the other hand, getting your hands on it might prove quite difficult, as it’s native to eastern and southern Africa.

8. Rose Succulents
Did you seriously think that only roses look like roses? Well, there are also plants that look like roses nowadays, and they’re called rose succulents. They sell like hotcakes on Valentine’s Day (obviously), and that’s pretty much the only period when they sell because they cost a little – $10 for 5-6 seeds on Amazon.

9. Corkscrew Grass
Not only does this plant look very, very eerie, but it’s also one of those plants that you may want to keep in a pot because it spreads very fast. It also costs $4 per 20 seeds, so you don’t want to waste anything here.