Essential Tools for Newbie Gardening

Let’s get it on
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 Starting up a garden may be very fascinating as you think yet it is also quite a tough job. It’s a long term process of planting, cultivating, watering, and anything in between. But still, the rough course of gardening is downright fulfilling. Before you venture out in the ground, you must be ready with your gardening tools. There are lots of selections in the market, promising some kind of expertise but you need to practical. Don’t go overboard with unimportant gardening tools as these can take up a lot of space within your home, not to mention, the money wasted for inefficient stuff. So, here are some of the essential tools you need for your first ever gardening.


Safety First
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The first piece you should own even before you start gardening is the gloves. Well, you don’t want to end up with dirty hands and fingers after your gardening session, right? Gardening can start out as an exciting hobby, but it can quickly turn into some kind of a gruelling battle with all the rocks, thorns, and many sharp objects on the loam. Hence, own at least one pair of gloves to protect your skin from cuts and bruises, as well as from germs. There are certainly countless grimy microorganisms living under the ground, so it’s better to be protected at all times. Own the right pair of gloves— durable but not that bulky, and you’ll totally enjoy dealing with your favourite plants. Be sure to store them properly to avoid tearing up.

Hand Rake

Rake them up
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Just as important as the gloves, hand rake also protects your hand from any unwanted accidents. Aside from that, rake is very important for cleaning up garden trashes such as piles of leaves and twigs scattered all over your garden without damaging the roots. Plastic rake will make it really hard for you to remove the debris. Thus, it is best to invest in a good metal rake to whisk those dirt away from your beloved garden. You can choose the bright ones to make it easier for you during cleaning up time.

Hand Trowel

Scrape those loams smoothly
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Whether how big or small your garden is, you need a hand trowel to dig, move and smoothen out the soil. Of course, you don’t want to use your hand to excavate the dark loam, right? A trowel will help you make things easier such as breaking up the hardened earth and transferring the earth to the pots. There are different trowel designs, but it is great if you choose the nice-pointed blade in scoop-shaped. The handle, likewise, should be something that you can finely grip.


Cut them straight
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Moving on, shears must also be included in your gardening toolbox. Its significance is well-appreciated, not unless you want to directly cut the stem using your bare hands. What if these are roses or foliage with rough and sturdy branches? Would you even dare? If you are cautious, just like us, then shears are your perfect buddy. This pair is truly manna from heaven. There’s no need to worry on how to trim the grasses and cut the twigs because the shears can do its magic. And not only that, you can even create ornamental designs on your garden with the help of this tool.


Dig deeper
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Another digging tool that you should not forget is the spade. Spade is a step-up style of the hand trowel. This may often be related to a shovel, but is shorter in terms of the handle. The petite size accents its significance in digging holes easily, as well as moving soil quickly. Choose a spade with a strong steel scoop and a durable handle. Though much pricier than other garden tools, this essential will really help your gardening life less tiring and more enjoyable. This tool can even last for a lifetime.


Pile them up
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To make gardening a little bit easier and comfortable, then don’t overlook to buy a wheel barrow. You will not be disappointed with the importance of this essential tool. A wheelbarrow is certainly something that will save you time and effort as it is designed to carry at least a couple of pounds of soil and branches from one destination to the other. Its one-wheel design enables you to drive around the equipment effortlessly.

Long Hose

Water is the Key
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To complete the essential gardening tools, we have the long hose. Water is downright vital for the survival of any living organism. Consequently, you need a tool to help you deal with such importance. A long hose is truly one of the best things every gardener should own. In choosing, prioritize a hose with adjustable nozzle so that you can maneuver it properly without you getting all wet. The nice additional feature helps in controlling the water pressure within the hose.