Important Tips before Setting up Your Own Garden

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At this point, you have decided to create your own garden. It’s a quite exciting phase of your home design, but even before you jump into the tough process, you should be all set— from the landscape to the tools. It is not an overnight process. Gardening needs endurance and devotion to witness its grandeur. So, let’s make your gardening session easy and attractive with these important tips. Don’t worry, we will help you every step of the way.


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First and foremost, you should consider the space where you ought to construct your garden. Well, it is not necessary to have thousands of hectares to have an attractive plot. All you need is the right space to plant and decorate your garden, and of course, some creative thoughts. Landscaping is very important to make use of your expanse, especially if you have a limited one.

For a more attractive scene, sprinkle some bright and vivid flowers through the garden path or surround the front yard with a lovely cluster of fragrant flowers. These colourful hues will practically make your day more charismatic. Add a nice sitting area near your garden by carving out a secluded spot with some pleasant foliage and vines.

Garden Tools

Complete gardening tools
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Gardening wouldn’t be complete without the gardening tools. There are loads of apparatuses in the market but some of the most important ones are the hand trowel, shears, spade, wheel barrow, hand gloves and the like. These essentials will make your gardening session more convenient and effortless. For instance, the spade and hand trowel will help you dig deep into the loam while the wheel barrow will help you save lots of time from going back and forth. It’s just a matter of good investment. It is best to buy these in advance to avoid unwanted cuts and bruise during your gardening.

Organic Fertilizers

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Did you know that some plants grow easily with the help of compost? Yes, there are those who need a back-up essential, together with the significant loam. Flowers and vegetables are some of the plants that need the support of the compost as it gives an extra enhancement to its health throughout the season. Compost normally needs a week or two to stabilize well with the soil. Thus, prepare the plot ahead of time.

Aside from normal compost, animal manures are downright helpful to have a healthy garden. These organic fertilizers attract earthworms, which in return gives air space within the loam. So, the next time you deal with your animals’ dirt, put them into good use!

Potted Plants

Pretty potted plants
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And for those buying potted plants, root-bound may be a challenge. It’s always a tough thing to deal with. Plants growing in a pot tend to limit the growth of its roots, which in effect creates the too-tight root structure. The close-fitting ends restrict the water and other needed essentials to travel to the different parts of the plant. To ease the problem, mildly guide the roots in an upward position or you strike up some gentle vertical cuts using a knife. Just make sure to avoid the hitting the roots directly.


Proper allocation is the Key
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Not all plants are the same. There are some who are very aggressive that may need to be restricted from the others. Not segregating them properly might take a toll with the gentle ones. So, you should be able to distinguish the type of foliage you are planting. Put those partly-hostile plants in a container or away from the rest.

And if you love vining vegetation but have limited area, don’t worry! You can definitely make use of vertical trellis to plant them on. These fences will not just save space, but also look captivatingly charming. Plant your squash, melons, morning glory, and other climbing plants here.


Water them regularly
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Water is the most important tool, along with sunlight, in order for the plants to survive. Consequently, you need to water the plants regularly, especially those water-based vegetation. Soak them frequently so that the water will reach up to the roots, which is the only part that can really absorb the liquid. If you just sprinkle them with water, the needed moisture might not even get down to the ends, leaving it parched and thirsty. Water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening. Why? The water speckled on your plants during evening or early morning will not easily evaporate as there is not too much heat at this time. This will also give them the important water supply before the next day’s warmth.

Natural Insecticides

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Chemical insecticides often do harm than give benefit to your garden. Hence, you need to think of something else that will help you deal with the annoying pests.  Actually, the answer is right in your garden. Insects hate some flavourful vegetables such as onion, garlic and chives. So, add them on your plot, and you will drive the pests away and you also save money.