Impressive Uses of Huon Pine

A factory of Huon pines
Source: Travel OZ

Many years ago, the natives of Tasmania depended on one fine tree for boat building, and it was the Huon Pine or also known as Lagarostrobos franklinii. The appreciation for these conifers started as early as 1800s, where its wood was used to construct ships for the government. The timber featuring a golden colour is truly rich in essential oils, which makes it perfect for furniture and boats. The creamy shade of the wood is very durable, smooth, and light weight unlike other trees of similar style. Thus, it is very stress-free to work with and finish it off with a polish. These Australian timbers highlights the presence of an indispensable oil— methyl eugenol, which accents the unique scent of the Huon pine. This essential oil makes the timber more long-lasting and hard-wearing because of its preservative qualities that even act as insect repellent. Hence, you will save time and money from putting insecticide to your project.

And with the advancement of time, Huon pines have become one of the most remarkable choices for wood crafting and building. Here are some impressive uses of this prominent Tasmanian timber that you will definitely be impressed with.

Boat Building

One fine boat made of Huon pine
Source: Australian Woodwork

Well, it’s not a question that the wood of Huon pine is the ideal element for boat-building. The golden tint of the timber is downright appealing in creating a remarkable ship. It exudes a rather classical and classy ambience to the entire creation, not to mention its durability. The workability of the timber is also one of the many reasons why Huon pine is a top pick among boat manufacturers. It is very easy to deal with because of the soft and smooth yet durable and light weight features of the timber. For thousand years, Huon pines continue to amaze the boat-building community with its natural charms. It’s true that the only thing slower than this well-loved Australian tree is its decay. Thus, Huon pines are slowly getting recognized in the worldwide market because of the excellent timber it provides.

The limitation, however, may be a downside for the manufacturers and buyers.  Aside from Tasmania, there are only certain places that grow Huon pines because of its strict living environment, which needs cool and damp setting.

Furniture Making

Charming Huon pine dining set
Source: Britton Timbers

With the advent of trade and industry in Australia, the island of Tasmania has embraced its natural resources in a very special way. And since Huon pines are the island’s one of the most prized possessions, it is best to make use of this piece of nature. Thus, the natives have also stepped up the prominence of Huon pines through more notable uses. Aside from boat building, they have ventured furniture making as well.

The pleasant creamy colour of the timber makes it ideal for crafting furniture such as table, chairs, cabinet, and other smaller pieces. The figured timber along with the bird’s eye is very noteworthy when it comes to furniture making. These crafted works, however, are quite pricey compared to common hardwoods. It is because of its limited resources, which are thrived mostly from the roughest terrains in the island. The scarceness of these conifers is still within the alarming level because they are easily caught up by fire during drought. Moreover, the scarcity also paved way for the strict implementation of certain guidelines for companies making use of the Huon pine as trade.

Man-Made Crafts

Posh Huon pine pen set
Source: Floating Impressions

The beauty of Huon pines is not just limited to boat building and furniture making. It is also used for creative man-made crafts such as souvenirs and sculptures. These charming artcrafts are normally displayed at the Australian Woodwork. There are heaps of impressive array of fine wood pieces made by local artisans. Most of these works are quite high-end as only limited companies were given the license to cut Huon pines, and only dead trees are allowed to be cut and manufactured by the state. The strict granting of permission to cut down these trees is a great way to preserve the next generation of Huon pines. Today, most terrains where the Huon pine seemingly grow in peace are well protected by government. These are usually within natural reserves, which are safeguarded by the World Heritage Area. Owning at least one Huon pine art is definitely a valued possession you shouldn’t miss.

So, save up a bit and buy a good deal of a Huon pine craft that will surely last for an eternity. This prized piece of art is a great of example of sustainable development, which helps in the upkeep of the natural resources and respects the regenerative skills of nature. After all, life is dependent on nature, and not the other way around.