Where to Find Huon Pines in Tasmania

Are you on the hunt for a fascinating escapade in Tasmania? Then, go tree-hopping and find the magical spots where the well-loved Huon pines live in seclusion. The island of Tasmania has become the ultimate abode of these antique works of nature for many years. Fast forward to the present time, the classical foliage continues […]

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Impressive Uses of Huon Pine

Many years ago, the natives of Tasmania depended on one fine tree for boat building, and it was the Huon Pine or also known as Lagarostrobos franklinii. The appreciation for these conifers started as early as 1800s, where its wood was used to construct ships for the government. The timber featuring a golden colour is […]

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How to Grow Huon Pines

Are you planning to make your own garden? Then, you can start growing some Huon pines in your backyard. Huon pines are normally planted on areas with swampy rainforests such as Tasmania. In the island, you will be overwhelmed with the abundance of these native conifers swarming along the lakeshores and riverbanks. So, if you […]

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